Shiloh…aka: Sigh, SiBoSi by Chrissy Hagerty / Your Mommy

Once upon a time, an adorable tan pup trotted up our Texas street. My daughter and husband yelled for me to take a look at this sight. I knew the moment I layed eyes on her she was destined to be mine. From that moment on she became the 3rd musketeer in our family of canines. I’ve never known a animal that constantly wanted my every attention, She was nicknamed Sigh; for she did sigh all the time as if human. Cutest sound to me in the world. She had to be on me every moment
I was in her presence.

She would nuzzle and cuddle and wipe her face in mine and around my neck and ears making her unforgettable sigh sound. She would sleep with me every night in bed. She was the littlest one of the three. I also had a pitbull named Luger that died 2 days after her of old age. She was 7 when she passed of an acute sudden death that to this day I have no answers to. The vet said possible brain aneurysm, heart disease, stroke, or a nose mass. One minute full of life and rambunctious; 15 minutes later a yelp and collapsed in the yard. My pit and black lab new as I brought her home to lay her to rest.

I knew Luger the pit was on his way out to cross that rainbow bridge, but her death blindsided me. Still young, and the baby of the family. Three days later I take my Lab to the vet to get thoroughly checked, only to find out she has Lyme Disease. Rare in Florida where I live now. One left now. My firmest friends, the first to welcome, foremost to defend. Whose heart is still the masters own,
who laboured, fought, lived and breathed for me alone.

Once a dog has entwined himself round your heart he & she is not only yours for life, but you are theirs. When they are gone, their place is forever sacred. Others are just as precious but they all have their allotted spot in your affections kept for them on their memory.

A heaven without one’s dogs would not be the heaven we hoped for. A dog is always man’s & WOMAN’S best friend. My lil Si-Bo-Si,as I also called her; my lil MeeSoSoup, my lil sigh baby…may I see you and hold you and feel you lick my tears away when we meet again.

You were and are so very precious and I can’t let you go and never will. You are forever attached to my heart and the day I buried you in the ground, I also buried a part of me with you. Empty and lost is what I feel now. Two dogs in two days…that’s alot…too much to bare. Oh how I miss you, playing our lil games together, all of your silliness, how I miss the laughter and joy you once gave to me.

Only in my mind’s eye do I see you now. I pray you are with Jesus, he surely must be enjoying you as I did. God must of created you and brought you into my life to show me true, unconditional love and you taught me that, no doubt. Uncomparable to humans. You never tested me, you never gave me ultimatums, you never got mad at me, you never held a grudge, you never showed unhappiness or anger. You were jealous however of the other two; for you wanted my undivided attention to you alone. With that, I know you have a soul. All those emotions you showed of love alone. Are you seeking your master right this minute? May your little faithful, barking ghost, leap to one day lick my phantom hand. So long my sweet baby Shy…

It will be a low-grade sort of heaven, and I’d never regret a damned sin if I rush up to the gates white and pearly, and
they don’t let my Shiloh in……….
Mommy’s Baby Loves her Mommy….Luv2Luv you Always


Shiloh...aka: Sigh, SiBoSi
Chrissy Hagerty