Sierra Marie by Verna Elaine / Your Mama


MY BABY GIRL… mean the world to me and you always will, I cannot even describe what all is in my heart right now because you brought so much joy and happiness in my life. You were so very, very special from the moment
I laid eyes on you.

You came to me at 6 weeks old because you were tied outside in a snowbank in a wintry storm, you were rescued by the Humane Society and I was asked to foster you. Once you came through that door I knew I could never, ever part with you. And I didn’t. I couldn’t. We grew up together……. there were so many things you taught me. There was not a day that we were apart… I even remember the day you got spayed…..Mama felt so bad leaving you there that morning, they all knew how bad I was feeling…….and oh, I was so happy when the vet’s office called me at 4 the same day and said I could come get you, as long as you were kept quiet for the night. I was so happy.

Even with the big boys around the house, they would listen to you, they knew who was the “boss.” You “knew” you were the boss, you were the Queen of your castle. You were such a good little baby.

Now the years have passed and you have passed, leaving such an empty feeling in my heart. You have come to visit me in my dreams and I am waiting for the day when we can be together not only in dreams, but together forever. I miss feeling you by my side, I miss seeing those beautiful eyes watching Mama and following Mama around, whatever I did, you were right there beside me, to watch me, to guide me, to comfort me, to love me…..I miss you like I never thought I could miss anyone or anything in this world.

I LOVE YOU, MY LITTLE ANGEL, MY SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL….please wait for Mama at the Rainbow Bridge.


All My Love, Little Angel,
Sierra Marie
5, Sep 2004
Verna Elaine