1995 —- May 22 2000


As a kitten you were ill but did survive.

I now realize how ill you were but what a will to survive you had.

Something lingered in your system for 4 years till your little body gave out.

Your companionship and presence is still missed beyond words.

How you loved to play with those little nylon balls.

You loved my lap and loved to help me sew.

A cat that hung out on a sewing machine who would believe it.

My lap is empty since your gone but you still fill my heart with your love.

I miss you everyday but I know we will meet again.

I have been told we knew each other in another life that was why the bond

was so strong and unbreakable.

I gave you everything I had and you blessed me with all you had too.

You protected me and guarded me with your bond please watch over me

from the other side. You know where to find me at all times let your

spirit rub my head (my good boy).

I never visioned life without you I can not tell you how large the void is.

I know in my heart that someday we will be reunited.

Until that day I will celebrate the life you had and the souls we shared.

I am still crying for the loss I have suffered but someday I will only smile

and treasure the moments I had with you.

You were the closest thing to having a child. I miss your sleeping next

to me every night you were protecting me even then.

Thank you for blessing the new cat Krammer it is because of you I

have him again you were looking out for me.

How can I ever really repay you for all that you gave me I guess my

keeping alive your memory and treasuring the life we shared.

You were so special my beloved Simba I will end with telling you and

God how grateful I am for all that has been given to me.

I still love you Simba.

Your Mama.