Jan. 1998 ——- Aug. 11 2000


I first found Simba during the Fall of 1998.

I had gone out to run an errand and found him sitting underneath

a car in the parking lot of my apartment complex.

He was completely white (except for black smudges from sitting

underneath cars) had pink paws pink ears and very green eyes.

I assumed he belonged to someone since he was such a

young cat I couldn’t imagine someone not noticing that he was gone.

A few days later it was raining and I went out to my car to go somewhere

and found him sitting again underneath a car.

It was raining so hard that I felt I couldn’t ignore this any longer.

I picked him up and brought him into my apartment.

Within 5 minutes of being in my apartment he had gone right into the litter box

(I had another older cat at the time) and had eaten some food and

seemed perfectly content. I was going to try and find out who and if he

belonged to someone but did not have any success and at that point

he had won my heart so I knew he was my cat by then.

Six months later I moved from Seattle Washington to Minneapolis

Minnesota to be near my family. My older cat (“Teboy”)(tabby) who was

13 years old starting getting sick in June of 1999.

Two years previous to that I had another cat who had died of feline leukemia.

Because Teboy never showed any signs of ever being sick I assumed he

did not have that disease but he was tested in June of 1999 and he had it.

Teboy and I had a very strong bond for 13 years and I did not know how

I was going to get through it and that is why I think Simba was sent to me by God.

The day that I put Teboy down I really thought I was never going to get through

it but when I came home to Simba it made such a difference.

I really believe Simba was some kind of angel because he was so laid back

and mellow and never did anything wrong.

I was living with the parents during this time and they also believed he

was such a good cat that they were amazed. After Teboy died,

Simba and I bonded a whole lot more and it was wonderful.

Then last week he seemed to be having trouble breathing and the next

day I brought him into the vet and he too had the feline leukemia.

I thought he might have it too because my other two cats did but I think you

just keep hoping that they will be okay. I did not want to have him tested after

Teboy’s death because he seemed so healthy and even if I did find out he

had it what good would it have done –he seemed so happy and healthy at the time.

Anyway I believe that Simba was sent to me for a very good reason

and God always knows what we need and I guess Simba was sent to me

when I needed him and he needed me and he was my angel baby.

One thing that he did that was so cute was that he would wait for the

mailman and jump into the window to see him walk past our window and

the mailman would come up to the window and tap on it

and Simba got so excited.

He did this every day and if a different mailman would come by and did

not pay attention to him when he ran to the window he seemed so disappointed.

I wish we could have had more time together – I feel sad and lonely for

him – I guess we never know how long we have with our special companions

so we need to appreciate them a lot while they are with us.

My parents and I are grieving heavily because it seemed he was so healthy

one day and the next he was at the emergency room it was such a shock.

I wanted to share my story about Simba because he was so special

and it seems to keep his spirit still alive somehow.