Simba by Siobain / mummy loves you

To my deerest Simba,

I miss you so much as you always use to follow me and take interest in everything I did. An adult stray I will never know your age but we had eight years of fun and happiness. You showed the other two cats how to scratch things and play with toys. Toss all the cat litter out.

Your eyes use to gaze into mine as if you knew of our special love and bond that is so precious. Your kidneys were failing and I knew you were going to die. It all happened so quickly and up until your last day you still wanted to enjoy the fresh air. Everyday without fail you would wait for me outside the front until I came home.

The last thing I can remember is that awful needle going into your arm and you crying and you looked up at me your eyes and mine and you knew what was happening then your little body was limp and you were gone but your eyes were still looking deep into mine. I miss you everyday every hour every minute every second.

You had such a wonderful spirit and personality and devoted love for me and your house. I sometimes cannot believe that you are gone. So many reminders every night as the house is quiet and the meals are eaten without fuss and the litter tray is used but not as a game.

I wish you were with me today and I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did to take you to the vet but I knew what would happen. I think you had been aging for several years and maybe I should have made some changes but you still had lots of energy and joy for life I thought you were just a bit slower. Our love is eternal and I do feel you at home sometimes until we meet at rainbow bridge my beautiful furchild I love you so much. There will always be an ache in my heart for you.


Little pickles,