Simon by Allie N. / Allie, Heather, Kaitlynn, David, James, and most of all Jimmie

I was never a real cat person. I didn’t like cats very much but when my friend came over and told me a story about a kitten one of her friends had I fell in love with him. He was just a kitten and was tied up to a tree like a dog. He was beaten with sticks and not fed. My friend stole him and brought him to me. I healed him and I became his savior. Simon would follow me everywere I went even for car rides. He was also an outdoor cat. He would come home with cuts and bruises but he was always just as loveable. His nickname was Motor because when he was purring you could hear him in the other room. Everytime I let him inside he would follow me until I sat down and then he
would jump in my lap and pur.

He was always the center of attention and loved attention. He won the hearts of everybody who met him, especially my sister’s boyfriend Jimmie. He lived at my sisters house with me, Heather my sister, her kids James, David, and Kaitlynn.

One day it was just like any other I let Simon outside and watched him run down the drive way. He stopped and looked at me in the eyes. It was the last I ever saw of him. I looked at all the shelters in the state and posted lost signs in the newspaper but I got no replys. I suspect my baby was hit by a car or someone took him in as stray because he was so friendly. Everytime I take my dogs for a walk I still look for him or when I walk by the door I will sometimes look for
him waiting to come inside.

It was 3 long years with my baby and I miss every moment of those years. And now I understand Simon, I wasn’t your savior, You were mine. I love you Simon. Rest In Peace.


With much Love,
Allie N.