Simon by Terri and Mark McCoy / Mama and Papa

My Precious Simon,

How we miss you, Buddy Cat. Words cannot describe the emptiness left in our lives and the void in our hearts. You were such a special kitty – loving, affectionate, vibrant, personality plus, courageous, giving, entertaining, loyal, forgiving. You bravely fought CRF for 22 months never minding the countless vet visits, endless meds and needle pokes. You were the best patient ever and most times purred through it all. As if you knew we were doing it all for you and your life.

I miss your warm, soft body sleeping on my tummy every night. I still expect you to be headbutting the wall and the door as I come home from work every evening. I find myself looking for you to check on you as I did so often when you were ill. I see your toys and remember how ferociously you would tackle your mouse or catnip bag. Always purring at top volume. I miss you rolling over as soon as I started to pet you so you could get the longest belly rub. I miss your soft white tummy, your soulful amber eyes that told me everything you were feeling. Where is your soft, warm tan nose getting into everything? You were fearless and so curious! I miss your striped tail with the crooked tip. You had such beautiful grey tiger stripes, a broad white chest and
little white socks on each paw.

I hope you know how much we love you and that everything we did was out of love. We never meant to hurt you and we pray we never caused you pain. I believe you sent the doe and her bambi we saw the afternoon after you slipped away from us. I saw the Christmas Star you placed directly over our home Friday morning, thank you so much for that comforting sight. And thank you for sending the simple gift yesterday in the bookstore. Hope has always been our word and God always reassured me over the past 2 years with signs and gifts of hope. And now you, Simon, provided me with the gift of hope again yesterday. The little signs of your love and spirit help keep me going and reassure me that you haven’t left us at all. Thank you so much for that. I found some comfort and peace and most importantly, I found hope.

Thank you, Simon, for teaching me about unconditional love, the importance of play, the luxury of a good stretch, loyalty, forgiveness and courage. Thank you for allowing me to be your Mama for over 13 years. You will always be in my heart and soul. I am lost without you, please stay by my side and in my heart forever.


We love you with all our hearts,,
4, Dec 2007
Terri and Mark McCoy