Sipsey Sue by Jennifer / Mommy

My sweet little angel, so gentle, so true.
My beautiful little Sipsey,
Oh, how I love you.
My best friend through so many years.
Gone now, so many tears.

Sweet, sweet little Sipsey,
I will miss you so!
Your beautiful black hair
in the breeze would flow.

Lifting your nose upward to smell the air.
You had such a grace.
You were so fair.
Your quiet little bark,
barely enough to scurry a mouse,
didn’t matter a bit
when you offered protection
to the house.

Rolling around with happiness
after putting on your sweater,
knowing you’d be protected
from the fridged weather.

Your little wagging tail
made everyone smile.
I wish I could hold you again.
Just for a short while.

You were gone before I knew it,
I can not fathom how;
My precious little Sipsey,
her presance gone now.

Your last days were painful,
but I never will forget
the wonderful times spent
with my most beloved pet.

My child, you were,
as breath taking as the most beautiful view.
My little sweet, sweet Sipsey.
I forever will love you.


Your love I will never forget,
Sipsey Sue
31, Oct 2003