Sir Duke of Butler by Regina French / Your mommy Regina

You came to me a little boy
And never had a favorite toy
You marked the floors and the yard
Protected, loved and stood guard.

You barked and ran upon your land
Now you lie beneath it’s sand
A candle glows to light my way
So I can watch over you night and day.

As you lay sleeping, I walk memory lane
It helps to ease my heartfelt pain
Even the girls know something’s wrong
When I sing my Basset song.

I love you much but miss you more
Your paws are still heard on the floor
As the end for you was coming near
I hope you didn’t feel any fear.

I held your head and kissed your nose
In hopes you knew I was close
And when my time on this Earth is done
I’ll join you and once again we’ll have fun.


With all my love
Sir Duke of Butler
6, September 2003
Regina French