Sir Tanner by Matt and Sue / Matt and Sue

Well old boy, your new journey has begun…your now in the hands of God and the Angels…and do we ever miss you.

Our Yellow Lab Tanner got hip displaysia about a year or so ago. We were able to keep him pretty limber with Glucosamine for several months before it quit working for him, then we went to prescription Deramaxx which helped a great deal and gave us several more months with him. He really rallied around a couple of weeks ago and even went to the creek and got wet. It was nice to see…even tho we knew it was probably the last time. My husband got Tanner as a Pup when he was just 6 weeks old, we met 6 months later and they moved in with me, 1 dog and 4 cats…yep it was quite a menagerie. But we all co-exsisted with nary a tussle. Over the years, we have lost 3 of the cats and gained one stray cat abandoned at McDonalds.

Tanner would have been 11 on St. Pat’s day, but his suffering just got to be too much. He could no longer walk or move his hindquarters for mabye the last week or so. Matt carried him from room to room, outside to potty and eat. It was very pitiful watching this large powerful dog turn so frail, so weak…so humbled. He lost his dignity and I think that’s what hurt most to see, the look in his eyes was just to sad to bear.

We took him last night to be put down, my husband just sobbed. It was over in a minute…11 wonderful years and then just gone. He laid his head rigth down on Matt’s lap and it was over. The vet’s were wonderful, they allowed us as much time with him as we needed. We cried, petted his head and kissed him. I have not seen him so peaceful looking in a long time, it was re-assuring to know we’d done the right thing.

He is at peace now. He deserved dignity for such a proud dog. We hope to get him buried in our pet cemetary in the Spring.
But he will live in our hearts forever….

We will love you forever and look forward to crossing the bridge together. Sleep sweetly Angel.


Heaven just got a little brighter...
Sir Tanner
Matt and Sue