Sittin Pretty’s Tiki Rose by Elizabeth Anderson / Mommy

My Dearest Sweet Tiki,

How I miss your sweet kisses, your devotion and loyality. The way you would sit so pretty and patiently for those special treats and the way you would coo when you barked to be picked up on our bed at night for night night time.

How I cried when you were serously injured and had to leave me. I wondered why after loosing my other babies through the years I now had to loose you, too. Suddenly, I knew that God took you from me to guard the streets of Heaven. I knew that with your loyality, devotion and steadfastness that you were an excellent choice to guard those streets of Gold and I know that you will await my arrival when I am called up.

I now find solace and comfort knowing you are whole and healthy again and when you look down for me I will try to smile with happiness for you were choosen by our creator for a very special deed.

So Until We again Meet, my sweet baby girl, my heart although somewhat sad over your loss is also comforted knowing your pain has ended and that
you are in a better place.


With Loving Memory,
Sittin Pretty's Tiki Rose
26, Aug 2005
Elizabeth Anderson