Skittles by Sandi / Mommy

My Dear Best Friend Skittles. You came into our lives in a little box placed on our doorstep. At first I wasn’t ready for another pet so soon. You quickly changed my mind and captured my heart.

From that first day you became my precious best little friend. You kissed my tears when my daughters went away to college, when I went through my divorce, when I moved and changed jobs and when I just felt that there was no one out there that loved me. YOU were always beside me. You made me laugh all the time. What a special little angel you were. I loved your dances and the way you “talked” to me. I enjoyed endless hours of playing “toy” with you. You would always run like you were going for a pass. What a good little catcher you were. How you loved those warm sunbeams. You would have stayed in the sun all the time if it had been available. Skittles I loved you as much as anyone can love their pet. You were the best thing in my life for those short years that I had you. They went too fast. I miss you terribly.

I will never forget you or the love you gave me. I will always remember your kisses and the belly rubs you loved. God blessed me when he gave you to me. You were my special blessing that I will hold close to my heart until we see each other again. I know you earned your place in Heaven and I will try to be worthy to be there with you someday. I love you my sweet Skittle-Doo and always will.


You are always in my heart
8, Jan 2003