Slick by Patricia & David McGuffie / Mama & Daddy

Our precious SLICK passed away August 22, 2000 after battling kidney and liver disease. He was ours for 4 yrs and 4 months. SLICK was a yellow-headed cockatiel…and a pistol-ball he was. His favorite things to say were “hello baby”-“SLICKS a pretty bird” as well as whistle the tune to The Andy Griffith Show. He wolf whistled and cackled like a chicken. SLICK demanded attention and he got it always. The laughs and LOVE he gave us we will never forget. SLICK was a good boy and we will LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

Thank you SLICK for loving us….
David & Patricia McGuffie-Bham-Ala.


22, Aug 2000
Patricia & David McGuffie