Sloef by Kristof / Tanja

My friend had a dog,
his name was Sloef;
he turned the whole garden into a bog
then ran inside with dirt between his toes.

He didn’t want to go in bath
he preferred to smell
to rub everyone on his path
as he made a lot of stuff fell.

He sat next to you when dinner was about
begging for a piece of food
and reminding you to give it with his snout
a peace of meat he found heavenly good.

When you went on a walk
he decided which way
and sometimes found a dog to stalk
or chose a place he wished to stay.

He liked a treat from time to time
wrapped in a cardboard box like a true gift
sometimes we hide it – what a crime
But at retrieving it he was very swift.

When he came for a hug
he dribbled all over your pants
in the garden sometimes he dug
removing some of my friends mother’s plants.

He was gentile, sweet and kind
he brought joy to a family I love
never will he be erased from my mind
though he’s no longer here but above.

When I now arrive there’s no more barking
since he’s gone the house is quiet
no more cardboard pieces, the silence is remarking
it’s hard to believe he really died.

We’re separated now, walk each our own way
but never will he be forgotten, leave our thought
not by me or my friend, he was here on earth to stay
now we’re just grateful for all the joy he brought.


We'll miss you, Cocker.
1, Apr 2005