Smokey by Bridget & Mike Bradford / Momma and Daddy

Smokey gave us unconditional Love for 5 years and 8 months. The first time we saw her was at the humane society screaming at us saying pick me. And we did. What a wonderful and
cherished time we had with you.

When we brought you home you were introduced to Sandy and Oreo our other two (babies) cats. One of the first things noticed about you was when you would think you hurt yourself and lift your leg in pain, just from jumping. You always had our sympathy and most of all you had our hearts from day one. You really enjoyed your boiled shrimp everyday, sarah lee honey turkey and your milk. You had your special place to eat away from Oreo and Sandy and wouldn’t eat anywhere else. Baby, your shrimp is still here, something you enjoyed each and every day. Miss Oreo and Sandy are heartbroken and looking for you.

You loved outside so much but we always managed to get you to sleep inside mainly with Momma. Momma has put away your string that you so enjoyed with your bowl. We picked out a beautiful urn for you yesterday to bring you back home. You will always be with us here at home. Momma couldn’t bear for you to be in the back yard along with Boo Boo Kitty, one baby out there is all we can bear so you will be back inside tomorrow. I’ll never understand what happened to you other than being God’s will. It was so uncharacteristic of you July 18th 2004. We are missing you so very much and you will always be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

Momma said she will never forget the song I Got The Power. Momma asked God for a sign that you are ok and with Boo Boo Kitty. Yesterday we were on the deck and we saw two doves feeding at our neighbors bird feeders. I came inside and the two doves flew over Momma’s head together. She was so happy to see that and feel God answered her. We’ll all be together again one beautiful day, we still have work here and are watching Oreo and Sandy very carefully. When our time comes we’ll meet you at Rainbow Bridge. Run, Smokey, and play hard. Thank You GOD for bringing Smokey to us and sharing her life with us. We will honor your life also in being involved with Best Friends for Life.


Forever In Our Hearts,
Bridget & Mike Bradford