Smokey by Dusty

My sweet angel you are missed more then my heart can take.My Mama you were and are my everything.You were a Mama to all. To your kittens (your babies) you took care of them with unwavering devotion. You taught me peace love and patience through your eyes the world opened love began heaven entered. My heart swelled my soul sang the world filled with gentleness and from there you blessed me with your soul. How could I ever pay you back for you were my teacher my mentor in grace dignity love spirituality and peace and to that I have no words. For how was I to know that one single heart could make a difference. Your quiet grace tamed the most indignant of hearts. I’ve never knew anyone to turn you away,they claimed to not enjoy a furry soft angel “no they proclaimed I don’t care for them” but you broke through that with no words just a look and words were useless.

When you passed I had to take your hand I had to send you to heaven. please forgive me I never thought that it would end that way. Through your life and those eyes and the meaning of your being I will do what you taught me. In the car I held you and sang to you I felt you in my heart as though it was beating with two hearts. You stared. It was so hard to let you go. I felt your soul that day you were so beautiful full of light God’s prefect angel.

I brought you home like I promised I carried you. I kissed you for the last time. You looked so sweet in death. you were still beautiful. When you left the world stood still everyone paused and said a prayer. Nothing could go on. Something was missing. Where was our dear little gray kitten. My mitten I’ll still sing to you and hold you I can’t put you down. I told you how beautiful you are.

Everyone in the waiting room was staring for everyone was caring. In there was a kitten and even with you being so sick you got up and ran to the cries “mama your so beautiful”. I don’t know what to say except you’re an angel. God could only have made you. Now you have wings to fly I want you to fly. I’ll try not to cry.

Say hi to the others who we had by are sides. I picture you on a cloud an angel God how could you be more beauitful. I love you I will never stop the universe and time and space will never end my love. I can not wait to see you again. I’m going to hold you through eternity my little mama.



4, July 2001