Smokey Fusty Boy LaPrade by Michelle / YOUR MOMMY

It all started when a friend of mine’s cat had kittens, and they begged me to take one. I was hesitant, then one day gave in. I told my friend to bring over the cutest little boy kitty he had. There were all different colored kittens, but I said I wanted the grey fluffy one. So, he brought him over, he was the tiniest little thing, fit in the palm of my hand.
I named him smokey.

He was a wild little boy, always tearing around, shredding up the carpet. I would tease him a bit, to get him rawled up and so it was my fault..( ok, I am in denial), but he was just a baby..didn’t know any better.

As the years flew by he was my roommate, companion, and he had an unconditional love. When I was sad and lonely he would always be there for me. Sleeping next to me. He was my guard cat… haha..I moved from time to time..with different roommates back then, and some of them didn’t want him in the house, so he had to stay outside..but everywhere I moved, if he was let out on accident he would no doubt find the right house I lived in. I had Smokey for over 17 years. A couple years ago he went blind, and also developed that upper respiratory disease that cats get. He never complained about being in pain..even when he would bump into the walls sometimes.

My sister had gone to the humane society two years ago and bought me another cat, Anabelle, and she took over. Smokey never minded; he always would let ladies first at the food bowl, even when she had her pms moments..haha..she would smack him on the back of the head as he would walk by, of course him not knowing it was coming, because he was blind. He just hissed a little, I guess more from the surprise of her smacking him than being mad. He was a good boy, always following me around, and had a funny old man meow. Sounded like he was saying OWWWWWWWWWW…HAHA.. so cute.

Well, things happen for a reason, and I recently had to have a good friend of mine,take him to get put down, because he was forgetting things and didn’t have bladder control most of the time. I could not bare to take him myself, the day she took him, once the door closed..I lost it and weeped was like someone taking your heart out. I felt guilty because I felt like I took his life from him, when I know down inside it’s for the best, and I know he’s having a blast in heaven and
can see again!!!

I love you smokey, your my ol’ fuddy duddy cruddy buddy..and I will miss you ..Sue misses you too, and Anabelle (even though she won’t admit it) she calls for me now, and hasn’t done that before. Rest in peace and big hugs ..I LOVE YOU!!


With all my heart,
Smokey Fusty Boy LaPrade