Smokey Koser


You were born into our Family on that crazy day of January 3, 2013. It was quite the experience witnessing your birth. Your Big Brother Shady wasn’t so much ready I guess, the doctors had to extract him. You were two of the cutest pups that your Mom and Dad, Cookie and Tiger could have produced.

You were such a cute, crazy and wild little pup. You definately got your good looks from your Dad, Tiger.

I am SO SORRY I gave you away. At the time I felt like I had no other choice. Now that I lost Tiger, I regret it more than ever. I could still have a piece of him if I had kept you.

I know your Momma Cookie misses you and Shady.

I hope that you are with your Daddy and you both are happy. I miss you both SO MUCH.

Rest Well My Friend,

Your Human Momma and Daddy.

Smokey Koser
January 31, 2014
Paula and Steve Koser