Smokie by Colin and Cherie Frank / Mom, Dad, Einstein, and BabyBear Yogi

“Smokie” Mocritus Maximus

The calendar says for fourteen years
you’ve been our constant friend,
But we find ourselves begging for moments
as our time draws near its end.

How can it be that time flew
by its evidence left grey upon your chin,
How will another win our hearts like you,
when we know the pain we’ll feel again?

We bargain for a minute,
sell our souls for just one more day,
But the whimpers wake you from your fitful sleep and
we know it isn’t fair this way.

The last car ride we’ll ever take
will end all the pain you feel,
You’ll be running with the angels,
like lightning on their heels.

Never again will a stormy day
make you shake and comfort seek,
Sunny spots will be everywhere
never muddy or rainy days so bleak.

Your happy, smiling “airplane ears”
will never have to land,
But how we wish we could still
stroke them with a loving hand.

No family could love you better
than Einy, Dad and I,
But our goodbye is needed so into a peaceful sleep
you will sigh.

We will miss you everyday Smokie,
we’re sad it’s time to part,
But your memory will love on,
burning brightly in our hearts.

Goodbye Our Meester Man, Meester,
Mokster, Mokarooster, Mokarama,
Smokie, Big Boy, Mocritus Maximus, Smokeratis Maximus, McMocritus, and Sweetie Boy.

You were so much more than
the best fur-friend to Dad and I,
and the best Big Brother Einstein could ever have.
You will be missed and loved forever.


With all the love in our hearts,
23, Apr 2005
Colin and Cherie Frank