Smoky by Dad, Mom, Jamie, Ashley and Taylor / Your family

My little Smoky dote!! How can this HAPPEN!!! WHY! I want to say the poem for him…

I remember the day you came to stay,
And always hoped it stay that way.

I met you on the day of your birth,
A tiny, tiny pup that just enter this earth.

The months flew by, almost 6 month we had,
Your enemies of med. took your life, and this made me sad.

The love you gave with kisses and loves were so truely pure,
You were my sweet boy…I would be sure.

Too suddenly came that very sad day,
When i said goodbye and you went away.

I held you so tightly not wanting you to go,
To a far away place i do not know.

One day we will meet agian,
My beauiful pup, my very best friend.

I will never FORGET YOU Smoky boy. And always will be in our heart forever..


With lots of love,
21, Nov 2007
Dad, Mom, Jamie, Ashley and Taylor