Smudge by Hannah / Hannah

I got Smudge From My Grandpa’s store
If you Have read my little baby Lily
Story you will know the whole story
and Lily was Smudge’s sister and Tarzan
( King of the Jungle). Was Smudge’s
Brother. Only older. Smudge has 2
Brothers Tabby and Tiger. I am going
To write Stories about them to and add
Pictures. Anyways…. Smudge
Was named Smudge because she is white
and has a smudge of gray on her Head!
She is so cute! I am Glad I
Have Smudge. Her full Name is Smudge
Angel Ware. Smudge is so Playful! She
Has a Blue/Green eyes you can’t Tell
It’s Hard. Smudge’s mother is a callico.
Smudge I will always love you! She
Love giving kisses. And she Meows
When she wants held. She is so pretty!
She’s funny, too! I love you Smudge and
do not every forget that!