Sneakers Elza by Your Family / Your Family

You are wobbly and gray. You drool and shake, but I remember. You loose control of things we won’t mention. You very seldom play anymore, but I remember. You push the limits of my patience, You force tough decisions, but I remember. When the time comes to say goodbye, I’ll remember. I’ll remember how you trained me. I’ll remember how you showed me the way. I’ll remember your love and devotion and how all forgiving was your love. I can’t remember what it was like before you, I can’t imagine my life without you but from then till now and from now till then I’ll remember, so in my heart and mind you will always be because I remember.

Our baby passed away today and words can never say the love she gave to each of us in her own special way. The memories we have of Sneakers will keep her, forever in our hearts and through these precious memories
we will never be apart.

We know her love continues in the heavens up above. She will keep a watchful eye on us because that is what she does. So keep her in your prayers today and remember her now and then, remember what she gave us all, from the beginning to the end. You will never be gone Sneakers,

Our little angel..
Sneakers Elza
March 16, 1989
July 16, 2003


Sneakers Elza
16, July 2003
Your Family