Snickers by Joy, Micah, Snoopy & Snapple / Mommy, Daddy, Snoopy & Snapple

Hi my baby girl…we miss you! I can’t believe you were gone so quick. We didn’t know you were sick and we did everything we could to save you, but the Heart Disease was too far along.

You were our first baby girl, our best friend, our soul, and our life. P-Friend, we can’t wait to cross the Rainbow Bridge with you and we will never forget you. We hope you know how much you mean to us still. Snoopy & Snapple miss you too, and we are trying to take care of them as we did for you.

You always meant the world to us, and you still do…I remember the day we adopted you, you were sleeping in a pen and all the other puppies were stepping on your head-I knew you were THE ONE for us! We had a great life together and we will never forget your days at the park, napping on the bed, or eating your favorite food…Pizza! We hope you get a lot of Pizza and treats in Heaven and we hope you are keeping Memaw company.

You are the prettiest girl and you were so faithful, and so loyal. You never complained and you never left my side. You followed me around everywhere even though it was harder for you to walk. You helped us through college, our first jobs, our first years together, and our first years of marriage, our first house, and law school.

Everyone who met you loved you and cared for you…especially your Grandma and Grandpa-you know that you were the first dog ever to change Grandpa’s feelings about dogs (he never liked them much before). We all miss you so much, we cry every day, but I feel that you are still with us in spirit and you will remain with us always until we can meet again. We love you Snickers
and we’ll see you soon!


With all of our Love,
Dec 2005
Joy, Micah, Snoopy & Snapple