Snoopy by Gemma Andrews / Gemma and Josie and Family

It started when I was looking for a friend for my dutch rabbit, Charlie, deciding to get a dwarf rabbit. I headed for a large pet store in Redditch, where I was informed by a young girl on the telephone, that they had a litter of bunnies in stock. Especially a small albino lop dwarf who the owner was saying was to be put to sleep if not homed shortly as albinos don’t sell well due to the problems they have
with teeth and ears.

I agreed to see this dwarf as the girl was quite up tight and being a veterinary nurse in training I couldn’t have a life ended on the grounds
he may have problems.

I arrived at the pet store and the girl showed me this very small lop rabbit and I feel in love. So home we went to my house to meet Charlie how ever they did not get on, and Snoopy (the dwarf) began to grow. He was not a dwarf but a french lop who became bigger than Charlie. However Snoopy did some strange things so we took him to the vet to find he was deaf and wouldn’t hear if predators tried to catch him
so he became an indoor rabbit.

Later in the summer we got a female friend for Charlie who when we brought home turned out to be pregnant so she had her kittens and we moved Snoop out doors with two of the daughters Suzie and Honey who seemed to like him for a while. However they decided he wasn’t a good enough male specimen and pushed him out so again he moved indoors and made friends with a new born cat Josie
who I was hand rearing.

The strange pair spent a lot of time together in Snoopy’s hutch sleeping and Bathing. They were happy. However Snoopy got an infection in his mouth and had some teeth removed, but things got worse and the infection appeared in his eyes. Then a tumor appeared and we had to separate Snoopy and Josie and send Snoopy
to Heaven to be with Jesus.

The saddest part is that Josie is still looking for Snoopy and was very uptight when we moved the empty hutch to the garage. She keeps sleeping on the table where the hutch used to be and snuggling up tight and meowing for no reason while sat upon the table waiting for him to return……It may have been a short life, but he was happy and it was longer than it would have been if I hadn’t taken him home so the grieving continues and me and Josie will get through it eventually and this will keep his memory alive. We love you, Snoopy. Be happy in heaven and be free from pain forever and always. xxxx


With love,
Gemma Andrews