Snoopy by Mahan


" Snoopy "

Nov. 28 1982 ----- June 2 1998

Beagle / Foxhound Mix


Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not here I do not sleep.

I am the gentle gentle wind that blows,

I am the words of poets prose.

I warmed your bed and warmed your heart-

Throughout your life I was a very large part

From 5 1/2 weeks with huge beagle ears

To a mature old guy of nearly 16 years.

But I am not gone I will always live on

In the hearts of those who loved me most.

Where I'm at now there is no pain,

No constant crying and suffering.

The choice was hard- this I know,

But I want to thank you for letting me go.

I can breathe without coughing and run like the wind

And eat roast beef sandwiches all day to no end.

I lay in the grass and bask in the sun

And wait patiently for the day you will come.

But until that time just don't forget-

I'm asleep at your side all warm and content.

And if you should hear a bark at the fridge-

Just don't forget it's time for my pills!


I'll always love you!!