Snoopy by Tim


" Snoopy "

Sept. 1986 ------ Feb. 14 1999


I wrote this poem in Nov. of 98 a short while after snoopy

became sick. I always hoped for the best and always feared the worst.

Snoops entered into rest at 8:30 Sunday February 14th 1999.

He'll always be my valentine.




Angry one minute,happy the next

Satisfied by the simplest things

He'll sleep all day aroused only

by a knock at the door.


Curiosity overtakes his relaxation

Curiosity makes him call out the window to a passerby

Perhaps a warning

Maybe an invitation


He understands the words "supper time"

But doesn't seem to grasp "settle down"


A best friend to anyone with the time to stop and talk

A best friend to anyone with a gentle caring touch


He's old but spry ready to play catch

And race about like in the days when he was new


Once black and fuzzy

Now a little more gray

Now looking through his frosted sight

But he really doesn't know his age


Stretching and creaking

But leaping about defying the works of time


May he remain for a long time yet to come

And perhaps someday realize the joy he brings


The End


In Memory of My Best Friend Snoopy

Sept. 1986 to Feb 1999

I'll never forget you Pal!!!