Snoozer by All of Us / All of Us

We got this four pound hold in your hand puppy when he was about six weeks old at a fleamarket. My husband said “He is your ears” because I have hearing problems..We somewhat bonded through the years but was never able to teach him “come” stay in yard”
so we fenced in the yard!

He was perfectly happy in the yard, playing with our other dog until someone came in the early morning and opened our bottom gate and killed him. We were going to have him put to sleep because of health reasons but someone would not let us…We are very lost, hurt, invaded….Snoozer was fifteen years old and was trying to tell us the end was near by wanting more attention; sleeping alot; loss of appetite; legs shaking and giving out…falling alot.

We were going to have him put to sleep but, no….We are left frustrated, lost and protective of our puppy that he romped around the yard with….Time may heal the hurt but not the loss..


Wanting to say Good bye and Love ya!
All of Us