Snow Flake

April 21 2001 —–July 4 2001


Ok this is how it started.

My cat Moo Moo that I still have had six kittens.

It is sad that three kittens out of her very first litter died so young

so anyway one night I heard a cat fight out side and

I ran as fast as I could to see if it was my cats.

I couldn’t see any of them so I went to look for Snow Flake my kitten.

I went around the whole trailer when I found her.

She was on our back steps meowing at this time.

I didn’t know she had gotten her skin bitten off by another cat

so I took her inside it was really late. . .

When I laid down she laid down with me.

Then I felt this hard thing on her stomach but I couldn’t see what it was

so I rushed into my mom’s bedroom to see what it was.

Then I saw a cat bite on her stomach. Ya know the part where their leg goes over it.

Well my mom said she’ll be fine…

she wouldn’t lay down for very long because it was hurting her

so I laid her down on the other side where there wasn’t any sore.

Ok the next morning right when I woke up I went to see where she was.

She wasn’t doing that well.

When I saw her trying to walk she limped,

I just thought she’ll be all right. Later that night me and my dad

were putting cold rags on her to keep her cool because it was really hot!

I then we started feeding her milk by a syringe because she couldn’t walk

because she was so weak. . .

Then even later that night my mom picked her up

because she was drunk and

Snow Flake tried to grab onto my mom and

it slit the two teeth marks in the cat bite in her belly wide open right then and

there she lost almost all of her strength.

Before my mom touched her she was almost walking.

Then my mom put her down on the couch and I was too late.

She had already fallen off and almost every single ounce of strength

that she had gained was gone ….

The next morning when I woke up she was dead.

I cried my heart out and started blaming myself.

Why did I have to let my mom hold her why? Why? Why. . .

I am only 13 and that kitten was the best thing that ever happened to me.

All I know is that some day we will meet again

at rainbow bridge with no hurt and no sorrow only happiness and

the sad thing about it is I don’t have any pictures of her and

I don’t even remember what she looks like.

Every day when I look at her sister I think of her and

I start to cry once more.



Snow Flake