Snow White by Courtney Simon / Courtney Simon

~Snow White~

I have loved you, and always will. My love will never seem to end. But they day you left to go to heaven, I knew you would wait for me by the gaits of heaven, and I will never forget that day, May 26 2008. And when my journay is over I will meet you at those gates to heaven, and you will take me home. You will never be forgotten, but you will always be remembered. And I know what people say they say “She’s just a mouse you will get over her” well that’s all lies you weren’t just a mouse you were an angel sent down to me from heaven. And I promise that when I meet you in heaven we will walk the Rainbow Bridge together. Never to be apart again. I will always love you Snow White! Rest In Peace!


Your Mommy,
Snow White
26, May 2008
Courtney Simon