November 9 1991 —— June 20 2001

Miniature Poodle

Hello my name is Sarah.

When I was thirteen years old I adopted a dog from a shelter.

He was a four year old miniature poodle his name was Snowball.

Snowball from the very beginning was my best friend.

He was by my side for everything anytime I needed him.

When I was nineteen years old I moved out with my husband

and Snowball of course came along.

A few days after moving out I found out I was pregnant.

I had to quit my job after a few months of being pregnant and

Snowball and I were home all day and most of the night

together my husband was always working.

No matter how I felt if I was sick Snowball was right by my side

feeling sick when I was hungry he ate and when I slept

he was snuggling right next to me.

Snowball was my psychologist I could tell him everything

Snowball was my child I gave him baths took him for walks fed him,

clothed him.

In April I went into labor and I had to leave Snowball at home

my main worry was not pushing a 7 lb. 15 oz. baby out of me,

it was is Snowball okay? Does he have food?

Did someone let him out to go potty?

Once we brought my daughter Kirsten home to see her “brother,”

Snowball was right by my daughters side.

I felt complete with my husband my daughter and Snowball.

Then a tragic day came. June 20 2001 I went to take Snowball

out to the potty and when we turned a corner a 80 lb. black lab

attacked my 7 lb. poodle. I will not go into details but it was

not a sight for anyone to see.

My husband and I tried to save Snowball

but we could not save him.

It felt to me as if I had lost my life my heart hurt so much and tears

would not stop coming from my eyes.

I had so many by my side to help me get through this

horrible tragedy.

I now have Snowball’s ashes next to my bed in a cedar box,

his collar and sweater in a drawer and his charm with his name

and phone number on it on my key chain.

Snowball was and still is my best friend.

I feel him around me and my daughter I hear him bark still

and I see his face in my dreams.

I loved Snowball with all my heart and still do.

Anyone who knew Snowball could say he was the

perfect pet but to me he was more than that,

he was another part of my family..