Snowball by Jason and Jamie Poland / Mommie

It all began one night when my husband wasn’t home. The kids and I were sleeping and someone broke in to our house. Good thing for the alarm we had installed the previous week. My husband gave me an option of getting a gun or a dog. Well as you can tell from this story I chose a dog.
So, for my 24th birthday, my husband came home with a very excited, white german shepard with the biggest pink bat ears you have ever seen. He was a big 9 week old puppy let me tell you! When he was about one he didn’t run like other dogs he started prancing like the show horses do. His pedigree shows Championship show dogs on both sides of his parents. I guess that is where he got it from.
After a little while we could tell Snowball was lonely. Then out of the blue my husband brought home another german shepard Cocoa, she is black. They were “husband and wife” having six liters of puppies. And would you believe it, not a single one came out white.
My kids loved having the both of them around and they loved all the puppies. I always felt safe having Snowball around. If my kids went in the front yard with Snowball I never worried about them. There were times when stray dogs would venture near the yard when the kids were out there, Snowball and Cocoa would chase them away, they were that protective of my children.
You know, I felt safe knowing he was in the yard, back or front. My neighbor hated Snowball becuase he couldn’t get near his gate which was next to ours, with out Snowball barking at him. Everyone who saw Snowball were amazed and scared at his staure and color, they thought he was a wolf.
But soon Snowballs demise was evident. He started having mini-seizures with 3 second recovery times. Well, on March 28th I went outside to hang up laundry, a nice sunny cool day and watched him play in the mud puddle (his favorite)one last time.
Snowball went down having a seizure so I watched him. Well…he didnt’ get back up that time. I rushed in the house to grap my stethescope to listen for a heartbeat and at that moment he took his last breath. Snowball died.
I wanted to sit my kids down and tell them but my oldest daughter was at the door and she knew. I walked in the house and they asked….you can imagine that they all started crying. They went outside and went over to him to say goodbye.
He died three days after his 5th birthday. He will always be here in my heart. Snowball will be cremated, so he will never be far from me.


With all my love
Jason and Jamie Poland