Snowflake by Paul & Sharon Featherman / Mammy and Pappy and Family

Snowflake was a wonderful puppy. She was very, very loving and always wanted to give you kisses. In January of 2006 she became very ill with Pancreatic and became diabetic. We almost lost her, but we did not give up on her and we went to visit her twice a day while in hospital and she pulled through faster than the vet said they ever saw for her condition. She was fine but she was on insulin and then on January 17, 2007 she became ill once again. She did not want to eat, started drinking excessively, by the evening of the 18th she could not hardly walk, just laid her head on the water dish.

On Monday the 19th we took her to the vet and they admitted her and on the 20th she was taken from us. No one could understand what happened so quickly, not even the vet. We had an autopsy done and found out she was poisoned. It turned out we fed her the contaminated dog food, Companion. We don’t know what to do with out her, we still cry often and want her back. I feel I did this to her and can’t hardly live with myself. I hope she knows we never would have given this to her we loved her and will always love her.

She was a strong puppy but with her previous illness just couldn’t fight anymore. Now we are just waiting till we see her in heaven. We love you Snowy, you are still the Bestest puppy.


With Undying Love,
Paul & Sharon Featherman