Snowflake by Shannon Wilson / Your Mummy

In February 2004, my partner and I were presented the option of having our own pet. I picked her up from a colleague and brought her home. She was a white kitten with a brown head and grey on her back and tail. She was so cute!! My partner was besotted with her. When she was little she always slept with me, until Reg came home from work, then boot, into her room she went.

She was always climbing everywhere, sleeping on the top of our heads whenever she could. She was also fussy with her food, that was our fault, we always fed her when we would eat, so automatically she thought she was eating too. She was never afraid of loud noises, especially the vacuum!

When she played, she always leaned on her 2 back legs and had really good balance!! We called her our darling, because she was. Some days she would sleep all day, then play all night, and at 5am she would jump in our bedroom window, or try to!

She passed away on 01/05/05 We love her and it hurts that she has left us, but I like to think she is safe now. Mummy and Daddy love you poo poo bum. You’ll forever be in our hearts.


With Love,
Shannon Wilson