Snuggles by Danny and Family



{ Puter Clark Nisenoff }

March 14 1988 ----- October 18 2000

Cocker Spaniel

In Loving memory of our families' best friend and companion.



She was always ready with a smile and a wiggle.

She always knew of ways to make you giggle.

She was soft gentle and sweet.

Man she loved to eat good meat.


 She loved the beach but hated the water.

She seemed to us to be a daughter.

She loved cats and dogs alike.

Man she never would bite.


 Unlike others she showed her love in silence.

She never made anyone feel tense.

When she was younger she would run and jump.

When she got older she laid liked a bump.


 She was not like any of her breed.

Silence and love was her creed.

Snuggles was a Cocker beyond compare.

Our love for her I wanted to share.


 She passed away without a whimper.

She passed in silence and a simper.

More than 12 years she graced this planet.

Her name should be etched in granite.


By Danny Nisenoff











Danny and Family