Snuggles by Nancy / Mommy, Daddy, Tally,
Pudge and Indy

I found him on a farm. The farmer said they were going to be destroyed. I grabbed him and a female and gave her to my sister. I think they were related because they looked so much alike. Snuggles was so tiny he fit in my hand. He was only 8/10’s of a pound.

At 5 months old he moved to Maine with us along with some other pets, and he was the last to leave us. He was so loving. When he was tiny he would snuggle up in my neck and that’s how he got his name. He was injured once and had to have surgery on an ankle. We think a car may have hit him. I have pictures of him in his cast. He loved his attention and purred a lot. One of the sweetest cats you would want to know.

Unfortunately he got old and ailing. I had to say good bye 2 days ago. I would do anything to have him back but know that’s impossible. Even at the end he gave me a head butt to show his love for me. We spent over 17 years together. Part of me went with him.


We'll miss you always. Love you lots.