Socks by Dylan Thurlow / Dylan and the Jarvis Family

Socks was born on August 1st 2001. He was a lively little chap, and loved playing with his twin brother Rocky, big brother Louie and little sister Tiny-tot. He was originally named Tiger for his fierce but friendly attitude, but when he was given to my auntie he was re-named Socks. He lived a happy life with his “adoptive mother”
and “step brother and sister” the dogs.

I went to visit him sometimes to see how he was getting on, but he obviously did not recocnise me and went to hide whenever I came. Sadly in July 2003 my auntie told me Socks got run over and killed. Me and my older sisters went very sad. I cry whenever I think of him. And I remember the time he bit my sisters thumb and that’s how we named him, Tiger. But to my auntie he will always be Socks.


With all my love and care,
Dylan Thurlow