Softy by Esther Venketeswaran / Mummy – Esther XOXOXOXOOOO


Softy’s snowflakes come dancing round,
Twirling softly to the ground.
Make a wish from your deepest heart;
For you and I will never part.

I will keep you forever close, my love.
Remembering always how you gave me that shove,
To fill your water bowl, put food in your dish
Which joyfully I did for your sweet kiss.

Now I picture you sitting on your soft cloud,
Up in heaven I’m sure the angels sing extra loud;
Because you were a darling angel you see
Now purring you sit upon my Jesus’ knee.

By Esther Maria Venketeswaran
In Memory of my ‘Softy’
Passed away on Saturday, August 1, 2009
Beloved Companion Cat of Esther Maria Venketeswaran


With all the Love my heart can hold,
1, Aug 2009
Esther Venketeswaran