Sophie by Jennifer McPherson / Love, Mom

Sophie, a Mothers Day gift from my husband and children, became one of my children in a very short time, and was taken away
from me just as quickly as she came.

On the very cold evening of March 21, 2004, a terrible fire broke out in our apartment. As I hurried to get all the children out of the apartment, Sophie was told to follow the baby, but instead she stayed because she thought I was not coming out.

When I was outside I looked for Sophie, but could not find her. I asked the fire department to go in and look for her (save her), but they would not enter. After 40 minutes or so passed I asked them again and the chief told me that she was gone. I broke down and begged them to bring her to me and finally they did, wrapped in a blanket, and she was just as perfect as she had always been, she was just not with us anymore.

We all miss Sophie very much, but know now that she is happy, running and playing in heaven with all the other animals. Sophie you may be gone but you will never be forgotten!!!! EVER


Until we meet again.
Jennifer McPherson