Spadey by Darleen Prem / Your Loyal Friend

In memory of my lost friend
I remember the day like it was yesterday,
the day I brought you home.
A little black fur ball
that could not be left alone.

You followed me everywhere,
my trusted loyal friend.
At that time I never knew how I would feel
when your days came to an end.

Sit, stay run and play on things
we did together.
I will love you in my heart
always and forever.

It was so hard to see you grow old,
a puppy I wished you would remain.
But no matter how hard
I wished it was in vain.

The time came to say goodbye to you,
your body so frail and weak,
I laid by your side while
you kissed my hand so meek.

Your mind was gone
but your body was still here,
I put you to rest as I held you near.
I see you in my dreams, just like it was yesterday,
Running in a field of grass in endless play.

I know you’re an angel now,
but I am wishing you were here,
So I don’t have to remember yesterday
because you are near.

So rest in peace my loyal friend,
I will see you again someday,
and when I do we will sit and stay,
in that field where spend your endless play.



With all my heart,
13, Dec 2002
Darleen Prem