Spanky by Brenda / Love always,


My cat started meowing in the early hours on March 17th. The cried seemed like nothing unusal besides maybe wanting to eat. SO I brushed him off saying not now. Well later on that day I was on the computer checking my e-mail and I heard this loud noise that sounding to be a barking noise. So I stopped and listened again and realized it was my cat (it was the worst soundeing noise you’ll ever hear) At that point I knew something was wrong so I kept a close eye on him all day and it seemed as if he was in more pain as the hours went on.

I started looking for animal hospitals which they were all booked for the day. So I ended up making him an apt for the MArch 18th at 4pm (the earliest i could get) well later that night I did some research and came to the thought that my cat had a urinary track obstruction which states that a cat only has 24-48 hours to live if not given the attention needed. So I was in fear that it already came to 24 hours and I couldn’t bare to wait any longer seeing he might not even make it till the morning.

SO, I got dressed (at midnight) and drove to an hour to an 24/7 hospital and they told me it was really bad that if he doesn’t have surgery he’s not gonna make it much longer. So I was told it would cost 2,000 and they said I only had a 50/50 chance of him making it depending how he handled the surgery and depending on how bad his kidneys were infected. I was also told that even if he did make it he had a chance of getting re-occuring urinary tract infections which could lead to the urinary track obstruction again.

So I had to make the choice of paying the money and taken the chance of have him put to sleep. COnsidering I’m a stay at home and my husband is the only source of income, I had to make the most heartbreaking decision of putting him to sleep. This was totally unexpected.. I thought I’d take him in get medictaion and come back home… I also make the choice of being present
when they put him to sleep..

I’m glad I was there with him but the picture of it is still fresh in my mind and breaks my heart everytime. Our final goodbye was so memeorable.. I had my head next to his as I stroked his head (of course balling my eyes out) and he reached his head up and allowed our noses to touch and then he was gone.. It is the worst thing to ever have to do or go through..Not only that the feeling of guilt thinking why or how come I couldn’t prevent that from happening.

Spanky has a brother named Peanut (I adopted them both at 8 weeks old) and Peanut is surely missing his brother just as much..
R.I.P. Spanky…


You'll forever be in my heart Spank..
I love you so much and I'm so sorry this had to happen.