Spanky by Deborah



April 27 1993 ----- May 20 2000

Toy Poodle



My little one lay down your head.

And sleep so sweetly in your bed.

And dream of me; and I will you.

And all the things we used to do.


The days they were so full for us.

Filled with love and joy and trust.

And you were always there for me.

With love so deep and full and free.


I did not know so soon you'd go.

To leave me here so sad below.

But wait for me my little one.

Until my journey here is done.


Til once again I see you face.

And so in heaven we'll take our place.

To no more grieve or be alone.

We will have found our eternal home.


And as I approach God on his throne.

I'll thank him for the love he's shown.

By giving me my little friend.

And love so pure to never end.


In memory of my beloved poodle "Spanky"

4-27-93 - 5-20-00