Spanky by Scott Flesher / Scott Flesher

When tomorrow starts without you,
I cannot comprehend,
Just how I’m going to make it,
without my dearest friend.
A short time ago, you were laid to eternal sleep,
As tears flow, my heart aches,
my love forever deep.

I miss you Spanky dude,
even though we are apart,
I know one day your memories,
will surely mend my heart.
Now that you are gone,
I see you only when I sleep,
Or when I close my eyes,
you’re there staring back at me.

Eager to go for a ride,
shoot the bow, chip, or be fed,
Or off to find the monkey
so we could go to bed.
You were my only brother, and
I really hope somehow,
You’ll see the pawprints
you left in my heart,
and know without a doubt,
Of all the joy you brought me,
year and year throughout.

Just when I think I’m better, and things will be OK,
A memory comes rushing back,
of a distant day,
Of you and I out chipping,
I know you loved to play.
Our frolicing and laughter, may of come to an end,
But in my heart you’ll live forever,
you were my bestest friend.

I wonder if you can see me,
from somewhere up above,
Don’t mistake my tears and pain, they only equal love.
Forever etched in my mind,
I know it sounds kinda funny,
Is you prancing around the living room,
with your pig and monkey.

Today I went home for the first time,
without you being there,
It hurt so bad you didn’t greet me,
with your loving stare.
I know one day your memories,
will be nothing less than fond,
But right now I can’t find the strength,
just to carry on.

You were truly one of a kind,
I promise they’ll be no other,
I miss you Spanky dude,
I love you, Love, your Brother.


Forever a part of my soul,
16, Feb 2004
Scott Flesher