Sparkles by John OliveJr. / John Olive Jr & Grandma & Papa

About 8 years ago, we found you outside our fence, you were a pitiful sight someone had used you to train pit bulls to fight. We could not take you to the pound, we knew that you would be put to sleep. John built you a pen so you could get in the store. You were sheltered loved and taken care of. You responded with love and total devotion. Your wounds healed and you got your spirit back, you were healthy and happy. You developed heartworms 2 years after we got you, but you lived 6 more years. Today you laid down and went to sleep, you woke up at the rainbow bridge with Bear, Maggie and buttons. Enjoy your rest sweet Sparkles knowing you were loved and will be missed.


We will always remember you!
16, Oct 2007
John OliveJr.