Sparky by Ali Ciriganani / Your Master

Not every story is told from the mouth of man. Some are told from the hearts of there beloved best friend. I remember it like yesterday, it was a bitter cold winter and I was to stay over at my aunt’s house for the weekend for it was my parent’s anniversary. I was seven and totally into barbie dolls and had brought them all over so I could have something to play with for I had yet no cousin. As soon as I got there I knew it was a mistake to bring my dolls, my aunt and uncle had just gotten a new puppy who,one by one, chewed the heads off the dolls. I was utterly horrified. I then knew my only chance to escape boredom would to play with this nasty old mutt who I later learned to enjoy.

At first thought I was so sure that I was going to have a long weekend. By the time my parents picked me up I had learned to enjoy the dog and had soon wanted one of my own just like it. Little did I know but this Feb. as a valentine and also a sorry gift I had gotten a puppy, just like my aunt’s, from my aunt.

Well I was what you call very responsible and had taught my dog to obey and be good. about seven years later there was a mold problem in our house. I ended up getting very sick and hospitalized while my dog, Sparky, became steadily blind. We took him through many operation but it did little. By the time he was ten he was blind. Although very old sparky was still very active and still had a habit of darting.One day, my four year old sister opened the door to go outside and Sparky darted.

Because he could no longer see, he couldn’t see the truck that was coming and got hit and died on impact. Through the years that I have grown with him, I had learned many lessons in life, don’t judge at first glance and what ever you put your mind to can happen.


With Much Love,
Ali Ciriganani