Speedy Richard by Shay Richard / Daddy

A week before christmas we went to the mall to shop.We went into the pet store because i wanted to get a puppy or hamster.I walked over to the hamster cage and saw the cutest most energetic hamster.I wanted her instantly.I asked my mother to get her for me.

We bought S.L.R and came home.I loved her every day and almost never left her alone accept to go to school.I would play with her all the time and I shared a great bond.

But one day I came home from school and was already having a bad day.I walked in the door and my mom looked at in a sad way and told me the bad news.I ran into my room to see and she was just lying there.I sat there and talked to her and said goodbye for an hour.I could barely talk I was crying so badly.My only friend was gone.

Shay Richard
Please if you are having a hard time getting over a loss such as mine please share your story and i will try to help


With So Much Love
Speedy Richard
Shay Richard