Spike by Barb and Grace / Cindi Page


I have a friend I’ve never met.
She’s a lot like me, we love a pet.
After years of love, old age and care.
Our minds say let go, our hearts say not yet.

Today her heart is breaking.
I know I’ve been there too.
There is nothing I can say to her.
Except I’m here for you.

They come to us in different ways.
We love them; there is nothing that they lack.
God watches with a pleasing eye as you give this dog your heart.
He says you have given all; It’s time for me to take him back

These gifts of God are so precious.
Given for what seems a very short time.
He lets us love and care and teach them.
When they are ready, He comes, takes them and says they are mine.

So we go on in sadness and tears.
Knowing someday another will come our way.
And we’ll love them with all our heart.
Until God says I must take them this day.

So go on and cry for Spike.
I am crying for him and you.
The love of a friend is timeless.
I will be here if there is some thing I can do.

By Cindi Page
In memory of Spike, cross the Bridge
little friend. Beau is waiting
To show you around and said
he would share his Nana with you


To those who love a pet,
27, Sep 2008
Barb and Grace