Spike by Nicole

Dear Spike

A Bridge connects heaven and earth because of the many colors they call it the Rainbow bridge. On that side of the bridge there is a land with green grass mountains fresh water and plenty of food. When a beloved animal from this earth goes to sleep for ever it will go
to that beautiful place.

There is always Food Fresh water and nice spring weather. The old and sick Dogs become healthy again and they play and dance together all day. There is only one thing they miss. They are not with the people that Loved them so much on earth. They will run and play everyday till one day one of them will stay still lifts his head up high in the air the ears stand up the nose wiggles and the Eyes get so big and all of a sudden it will run out from the group fly over the green grass his legs carry him faster and faster. It saw you. And when you and your Special Friend see each other you will hug him and hold him tight.

Your face gets licked over and over and you look in the eyes of you Loved missed friend. That was out of your life for so long but never from your Heart. Then you both will pass over the Bridge and
never be separated again……

We miss you so much you where and always will be my best friend. I will never forget you. You are always in our hearts.

Love always

Mom Dad and Mark


28, Dec 2001