Spoofie by Jaynie / J

20 years….how is it possible that you’ve been gone almost 20 years? Spoofie, I still see your face in my mind as if you were here yesterday and yet it’s been so long since you left. I will never forget spending my childhood with you. You were my best friend, my constant companion and my constant. I remember when Mom & Dad brought you home…what a funny looking little guy you were…4 months old and you had those short front legs and long back ones…my lopsided boy. I remember how scared you were those first nights with us…especially as we were un training you and teaching you to walk on carpet and sneak up on the couch.

I remember pulling you upstairs at bedtime and you looking back at Mom & Dad as if to say, I’m not ready yet…but up you came and even if you left again, I knew that you would eventually end up in my room, next to my bed or if for some reason my door was closed, you would be right outside my door protecting me.

You always were my protector and my guardian and 20 years later I still see you in my dreams and always when I need protecting. I keep my Spoofie Sandcast collie on my dresser and I have had him with me since you left the world. You were always such a good boy and friend and I still run to see a tri colored collie if someone is walking by and I pet them as if I was petting you again. You are missed my Spoofie…but I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge…you and Duffy and Farfel and Jake and all the others…just playing and waiting until we are all together again. Give Jakey and Bertha a kiss for me. 20 years….I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.


With Smiles & Laughter and Lots of Love,
11, Aug 1985