Spooky by Cindy / Cindy

Spooky was one of the most prettiest cats I have ever seen. He was black with big yellow eyes. They got him before I was born. When they first brought me home he took a look at me and didn’t want nothing to do with me. I didn’t start getting close to him till I was older. I would dress him up and play house with him. He lived for 10 long great years and put love and joy in every one that was around him.

On May 5th 1994 I got my new puppy. That Spooky didn’t like at first. He was a little jealous of him. Every time the new puppy got around him he would bat at him with his paw. After about 3 weeks they grew
to be the best of friends.

It was that Day that I was just coming in from school and I no something had happen as soon as they told me that he was found in his favorite spot in the bathtub where the angels had taken him. I started crying. I was so upset that I didn’t talk much that week to anyone. Now when I think of him I always say he is much better of were
he is now with no troubles.


I will always love spook xoxoxoxox