Spot Lee Donnelly

Spot” Lee Donnelly

January 26 1988 – December 25 2001

Just a “little guy”
“the fat man”
“Daddy’s little buddy”.
You were taken from us on
“a night so holy” –

Christmas – the “holiest night”
of the year –
Now the words “Silent Night
Holy Night” will be ever so dear.

“Sleep in Heavenly Peace”
will be our prayer –
We could not have chosen
a more appropriate time
for your arrival there.

“Thank you Spot”
for that last
“earthly Christmas Day”
We know it was your
“special gift” to us
in your own way.

We wonder-did Abigale greet
you at “Rainbow Bridge” on
Christmas Day night?
And show you how to run and play
and take in all the sights?

Even though we hated
to let you go
it’s comforting to know
That you are now safe and healthy
and in pain no more.

Someday we’ll be together
again in heaven above
For now we’ll always
remember your unconditional love.

For what you gave to us
we could never repay –
And we’ll remember and
love you always –
not just on Christmas Day!

Your “black puppy eyes”
we will never forget
And remember the “love”
from them you would emit.

A “special look” from
your eyes you gave to us
To remind us of your
“love and trust”.

You were so brave
through all your life
The “great protector”
of this man and wife.

You never let
your health problems
get you down
You just carried on
with your life on your own ground.

You made the best of what
you could or couldn’t do –
And you made our lives together
so special because of the strength
in you!

Love eternally

Daddy and Mutter
(David & Alice Donnelly)


Spot Lee Donnelly
25, Dec 2001